Euro Dog Show Issue

Dear dog lovers & friends,

every time I write these words, I’m extremely excited to finally be able to show you the newest ProDog issue. Our team and all our contributors have worked hard over the last couple of months and now we can finally look at the final product. 

The focus of this edition is the EDS in Brussels, that we have supported ever since and we are proud to say that we are one of their official media partners. We look back on a beautiful and well organized show in Russia - check our WDS review! I especially enjoy working on our breed reports. They are of a huge interest to me and one gets to know so many interesting people. THANKS to everybody who helped us, shared their knowledge and most importantly became our friends! 

Yours Natascha


Our team!

Mak Dodan

Photography, Grafics & Management

1990 born in Zagreb. Working as photographer since 2008. Started ProDog Magazine in October 2012. Before he was BestInShow Magazine project manager.

Natascha Hochhold


1993 born in Vienna. Represented Austria at CRUFTS 2010. Working for ProDog since summer 2013. Responsible for Event Managment, social network & training.

Benjamin Hochhold

Executive & Photography

1996 born in Vienna. Since 2006 he is into DogShows. Interested in photography since 2012. ProDog Member since summer 2013. Working as paramedic.

about us

ProDog was found in September 2012 by starting a small fanpage on Facebook. First this site was only used to post some selected photos of the shows attended. As the reach and number of followers grew ProDog took a step forward: Immediately after the show the first photos were posted together with the entire results. The days after the shows the photos from all placed dogs were shared on the page too, making it possible that all the readers stayed up-to-date weekend after weekend.


Being the official photographer for several big events, attending the biggest shows in Europe and all around the world, it was time taking ProDog to another level! After the successfull start on Facebook, the ProDog family is now also publishing an ONLINE ISSUE covering the shows and offering photoshootings!


We hope you are as excited about this new project as we are! Enjoy! Natascha, Benjamin & Mak

Personal Info

  • +43/664 1251411
  • 3420 Kritzendorf, Beethovengasse 4

upcoming shows

    2xCAC & 2xCACIB
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

10. & 11.2.2018

"Slovak Winner"
CAC Bratislava, Slovakia


CACIB Graz, Austria

CACIB Salzburg, Austria

upcoming events

    No events planned by now!

big shows planned

CRUFTS 2018 Birmingham, UK 


Kielce, Poland


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